2005 Triumph Sprint ST

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Life is full of compromises, as are many motorcycles. The Sprint ST, thankfully, doesn't have to make any. It's a sports bike that covers miles, a touring bike that carves corners with a truly usable mix of poise, power and all-round practicality.

And the Sprint ST has evolved even further. Its new 1050cc, fuel-injected, triple-cylinder motor has more of everything that makes it so usable - more torque, for effortless drive in any gear and more horsepower for when it's needed. Further refining the engine is a revised gearbox and clutch while the lusty nature of the three-cylinder layout, with its creamy delivery, remains unfettered.

Matching the Sprint ST's engine is a new chassis with redesigned beam frame, cartridge-style telescopic forks and five-spoke wheels. Its sleek look is simply stunning and everywhere little touches, like the chrome infill bars and front indicators set in the mirrors, add class. Styling cues, such as the triple front headlights and triple exit exhausts, compliment each other fluidly.

The Sprint ST is a well-rounded platform for travel, adventure and excitement. Its success lies in its polish, the way it works as a complete machine, as a whole.

Nope, compromise does not exist for the Sprint ST. It does it all in style, quite naturally.