Meet Our Team

"A Celebration of Motorcycling" is what we truly believe. We are committed to providing you with a quality product, education and customer service beyond your expectations. We strive to help you enjoy the wonderful sport of Motorcycling.

Tom Hicks

Tom has a long history in the motorcycle industry as a racer, technician, product research engineer, press relations specialist, club president, dealership owner and much more. He has a passion for flying WWII airplanes, playing in his band (P-51) and riding all of his motorcycles. Tom remains focused though on keeping So Cal Motorcycles the Number One Dealership of its kind in the U.S.

Rob Chufo

Chief Operations Officer
Rob Chufo

Rob’s been riding since he was 5 years old and loves to ride the streets of Willow, Miller and Barber Motorsports Parks and Laguna Seca Raceway. He has 27 years of experience in the automotive, marine and motorcycle industry and his first purchase was a 1983 Honda CR125.

Chief Financial Officer
Cyndy Knauss

Chris Evans

Assistant Sales Manager
Chris Evans

The freedom and adventure are what Chris loves about riding. Having grown up in the deserts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, he started on dirt bikes and ATVs, riding with US Marines and their boys. Now he's happy on the streets and freeways of the US.


Sales/Brand Representative

John Pucciarelli

“Puch” has been riding for 40 years and loves his current Victory Vision but says he loves all motorcycles. His advice to new riders is to “ride within your ability” and his favorite part about working here is putting customers on motorcycles – he once sold 17 in one week!

Finance Specialist
Brian Leigh

Brian came to us after spending 16 years in the auto industry. He doesn't ride yet, be he has his eyes on a Ducati Diavel. When he's not working you can find him playing with his two dogs, Whiskey and Brandi, or spending time with his family. Fun fact: He's from Johannesburg, South Africa.


Sales/Brand Representative
Brandon Frye

Brandon ride’s a variety of classic motorcycles including a 1976 Hondamatic 400, a 1969 CT 90, and a very rare 1973 Batavus Supersport. His favorite brand of motorcycles is Suzuki, he especially loves the new GSXR 1000R. What he loves most about riding is the journey and freedom of being on the open road. His favorite part about working here is the people he gets to meet and to have the opportunity to give new riders advice for the best and safest ride they can achieve. When he’s not riding, he lives and breathes offshore deep-sea fishing, targeting fish up to 300 lbs! He also plays baseball three times a week!

Sales/Brand Representative
Jay Cissell

His favorite brand is Triumph. He loves his Daytona 675, his first motorcycle purchase, and recently added a 2014 Ducati Monster 1200 S to his collection. When he’s not hard at work he likes to bicycle, play bass, and skateboard.

Sales/Brand Representative
Michael Santos

Sales/Brand Representative
Donnie Ross



John Papa

Service Manager

John graduated with honors and the Suzuki Select Tech Award in 2005 from MMI. He has over 100 certifications across 6 brands and has been working in the industry since 2005. John was a technician for 12 years before transitioning into Service Management and is considered a “motorcycle guy” through and through. He rides a 2018 Ducati Monster S and a 2005 Honda RC51 and he looks forward to sharing his passion and enthusiasm with Southern California Motorcycles and their customers.



Danny Edwards

Danny has been working on motorcycles 13 of the 18 years he’s been a rider. He’s worked here 14 years and is a Ducati Master Technician. He loves the adrenaline rush you get from riding, which probably explains why he has three motorcycles. When he isn't at work or working on his own bikes, he loves spending time with his son.

Mike Cadena

Mike has been working on bikes for 12 years and he loves the comfort of his current 2004 Victory Kingpin. When he’s not at work servicing bikes he builds race engines and works on his 1973 Corvette Stingray.

Triumph Service / Parts Associate
Chad Bell





Service Porter

Aaron Perez


Parts Manager
Jeremy Pritchard

Jeremy has been riding for about 25 years and currently rides a 2015 KTM 350 XC-F. He enjoys everything about racing from the competitive element to the total focus and commitment it demands. Whether it’s technique, physical fitness or the mental game, there is always some part of you that is being challenged. He advises new riders that the clutch is your friend. He enjoys Big6 & SRA GP Racing, mountain biking, and follows SX/MX, NASCAR & F1 very closely. Fun fact: He used to be a full-time, touring musician.

Parts Counter Associate
Michael Malta

Michael has been riding for about 5 years and currently rides a 2002 Triumph Bonneville T100. He enjoys the lifestyle and riding up the PCH coast, and home because “home is where the love is.” His favorite parts about working here are the atmosphere, the motorcycles, and the passionate people. He advises new and advanced riders to take a motorcycle training class. Besides riding, Michael also enjoys Industrial and Graphic design.

Parts Counter Associate
Jaden Carias




Marketing Department
Gabby Romanello

Bio to follow



Danielle Mira

Assistant Accounting Manager
Danielle Mira

Danielle’s favorite brand of motorcycle is “which ever one is low enough for me to touch the ground.” Her favorite part of working here is seeing the excitement in a customer’s eye and the colorful personalities of our staff. Her advice to a new rider is: “Keep your nose where it should be and wear a full-face helmet.”


Micro Manager
Tazzirossi Hicks

Taz came to work at So Cal in 2006 and immediately showed his management prowess. He overlooks dealership operations from his plush office in the Accounting Department. Taz’s favorite responsibility is inspecting stuff in bags, and he is quite good at it. For fun, Taz enjoys playing ball and singing, especially to songs by Robert Plant and Dean Martin.


Assistant Micro Manager
Beetlejuice Hicks

In 2008 Beetlejuice was hired on the spot as a personal assistant to Taz. Beetlejuice is quick to respond to any situation in an enthusiastic and loud manner. No one can resist giving her attention because she knows how to work a head-tilt! For fun Beetlejuice loves to do whatever Taz is doing.


IT Manager
Bill Landers


Accounting Assistant
Brittany Lorenzana


Accounting Assistant
Maggie Zheng

GenOps Supervisor
Humberto Pasillas

His favorite brand of motorcycle is Victory and thinks Ortega Highway should be everyone’s favorite place to ride. He loves that our company strives to make a family bond among employees and customers. He is always on the move bringing new bikes to the showrooms.


GenOps Crew
Robert Pasillas


GenOps Crew
Ian Whitaker

Ian has been riding for about eight years and currently rides a 2014 Honda NC700X. He got into motorcycling when he was volunteering for a museum back in Texas. He rode a 1917 Indian Powerplus with a sidecar, then a 1921 Triumph Model H in the same day. He had actually never even thought about riding motorcycles before then, but the moment he felt the wind in his face, he was hooked! His favorite brand would probably be Triumph- beautiful bikes with quality to match! What he loves about riding is that it gives a very wide range of sensations, whether someone likes the adrenaline rush of dragging his or her knees on a track day or the calm and seclusion of going on a nice solo trip. He says, “It's very easy to enjoy, and that enjoyment can be taken anywhere! The community is incredible too. Motorcyclists always wave to each other and help each other out. When a motorcyclist waves to me, I can just say "Yeah, that rider gets it." What "it" is, I cannot say, but if you are a rider yourself, you know exactly what I am saying!” One his favorite places to ride is down by the beach, but he also likes going inland, especially taking Ortega Highway to Lake Elsinore. Partly because there is some stunning scenery on the way and traffic on the other side of the mountains is typically much lighter than it is here! Ian is also a private pilot who loves flying old, slow open cockpit airplanes. He says, "Aerobatics? Great! Hanging upside down, looking up to see the ground thousands of feet below? No problem! But ladders are terrifying!" What he loves most about working at Southern California Motorcycles is that at its core, it is a straight-up honest company and it feels more like he is working with family than with fellow employees. Everybody knows everybody else by name, everybody is friendly, and anyone can ask another employee to pick up lunch! Some advice he would tell any new rider is not to fear a bike, but to respect it. He feels that fearing a bike only pushes a new rider to give up or get hurt, but respecting it leads to understanding it. And, of course, stay safe and have fun!