Below you will find what some of our customers say about our dealership.

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"Michael, it was a true pleasure working with you. I value the respect you showed and the patience with working through the process. I will not forget this and will recommend to anyone to see you and only you when buying a new bike."Raymond R.
"Even truer story, just got back from picking up my Bonneville. Jason helped me out and it wasn't your typical dealership sales pitch bs, Talk about someone that enjoys their job and will go above and beyond to make the buyer happy. My lack of credit history blows and he made it happen! If Jason wasn't working at this dealership there is only one place else for him to go, and that's the law offices of Larry H. Parker, because he'll fight for you!"David D.
"It is not often that we commend people that are in the car & motorcycle sales industry. Most opinions that are written about salesmen is that they are dishonest and deceitful so for that reason I have kept my distance. When I first contacted your dealership I spoke with John Pucciarelli he immediately put me at ease with the purchase of the Victory Judge. His first question to me was "is that the motorcycle that you want to buy?" I explained to him that I was able to obtain a better deal from another dealer and he warned me about the trickery that other dealerships use in order to bait customers. He confirmed that he had the motorcycle that I was looking for and explained all of my purchase options. John really took the time to explain the victory line of motorcycles especially the judge model. On Saturday we firmed up the deal. Immediately upon meeting John I was greeted and explained the entire process of closing the deal. He went over all of the features of the judge and more. He assisted me in loading the bike onto my truck and provided me a tour of your dealership. He also took the time to introduce me to your entire staff! I would like to again thank John Pucciarelli for his patience and professionalism during the entire process. Please pass my best regards to him and to your entire staff. My experience in meeting John has changed my perception towards the sales industry."Manuel G.
"I wanted to express my gratitude for the upstanding customer service I received at your bike shop recently. I must say that Mr. Alan Mottes was very professional, knowledgeable and quite helpful. As a business owner myself I am always looking out for great customer service. Please extend my thanks to your employee who has earned you a customer!"Carlos B. | Air X Ferguson
"Picked up a used 2013 Yamaha xt250. An excellent deal from So Cal Motorcycles. A nice price, quality bike and quality service from Jeff. We sorted out terms on Tuesday/Wednesday and they delivered the bike to me in Santa Paula on Saturday. Thanks to Nick too for an on time delivery (a little early actually). I would be glad to purchase from So Cal again. Thanks guys."Kurt
"Just bought my first Triumph from SoCal Triumph. The service from Andy is top notch. As a woman wandering into a testosterone-filled motorcycle dealership alone, I was prepared to either get ripped off or talked to in a patronizing way. I'm happy to say neither happened.

Andy was very professional and didn't make me feel pressured. He was thorough with the whole sales process and even delivered the bike to my home on his day off. He really goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are taken care of.

This dealership was also the only place I was able to find a Bonneville. So if you have difficulty finding bikes in inventory, try this place first. The extra distance is well worth it.

I bought the used 2010 Triumph Street Triple from you about a month ago. Just wanted to write and thank you for the great service and assistance. You stuck around and made sure I was taken care of through the whole process and I really appreciate that. I know that if I need anything else, you guys will be the first that I go to. You've also got my recommendation if any of my friends ask. Just so you know, part of the reason I was sure to come back to you guys was because you were so polite and informative the previous time I came by, even when you knew I wasn't going to buy a bike right away. It's not often that you see that in sales. Also, your knowledge of your product is second to none. There's nothing worse than trying to buy something from someone who doesn't know anything about their product. I'll probably be around getting stuff from the parts department occasionally, so I'll make sure to say hi if you're in. Keep me updated if you run into any of those stock undertail pieces!

Thanks again Jay, you really made my purchasing process a pleasant one."

I want to thank you, Alan, and especially Danny for the superb professional service that was recently performed on my 2006 MTS. I rode over 1200 miles to San Francisco and back to the OC the following week after I picked up my bike. My MTS rode impeccably like a fine tuned swiss watch. I rode all the back roads through Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties over 4 days and couldn't be happier with its fine tuned performance. The installation of the oil cooler that Alan tracked down and Danny installed made a significant difference in keeping my engine happy at steep inclines with wild switchbacks in first gear for miles in hot weather. Thank you all for taking special care of my MTS over the past 5 years and providing excellent customer service! I will continually bring my bike in for future services, and when it comes to having to purchase a replacement bike, you can be assured that my next machine will be from your dealership with future services too, whether another Ducati or Triumph."
Richard F.
"Jay Cissell at the Brea Southern California Triumph dealership is outstanding. He has been in constant touch, answered any questions I have had, treated me and my friends with a personalized professionalism. I will not buy a motorcycle from anyone else!"James B.
"I want to share my view of your organization with you. The bottom line, for which I look, when determining where to extend my business is service. Of course value plays a part, but I want to know, and be convinced, that the organization will be there when I need them. Southern California Ducati fullfills my requests, and hence has brought me to purchase my last 2 Ducatis from you.

What is impressive is that your customer service values are those which stem from the top; yes Tom definitely leads via example. Whenever my schedule allows me to attend one of your bar-b-q's, I do. What's amazing is speaking with Tom Hicks, and he treats everyone like they're family. I have always felt like Tom values my time, and that's really nice considering he has a lot going on. The rest of your organization is phenomenal as well. TJ and Alan in service are the bees knees. TJ is always more than happy to lend an ear or offer advice, and Alan's follow-up and communication is unparalleled in the Ducati dealer network. When I'm told I will hear from Alan, I do. Alan possesses the great quality of understanding customers' needs and surpasses them. Are you the closest Ducati Dealer to my location? No. However, due to the level of customer service you provide, I am more than happy to drive the extra distance in order to ensure my bike is being cared for as I care for it. With everything I have going on, the last thing about which I need to think is if my Ducati is being taken care of properly, and your organization does a phenomenal job of this. In an industry, such as the motorcycle industy, when you're dealing with a superb product, such as a Ducati, every dealer offers roughly the same product. Where an organization rises above the rest is in the margins. Southern California Ducati offers superior service, along with great value, and this is why I'm proud to tell others I do business with you."
Jonathan D.
"Dear Tom,

As you know, this past weekend, I took delivery of my brand new 2004 Ducati ST4s from your dealership. Grey with the red wheels – my favorite color combination. I have to say that never in my 20+ years of motorcycle riding have I had a better buying experience at a motorcycle dealership.

It started with your daughter at the recent Long Beach motorcycle show. My fiancee’ Kim and I bumped into her at the show and were warmly invited by her to stop by your shop. A few weeks later, we decided to take her advice (as I was in the market for a new bike) and we stopped by and were greeted by you. Down to earth, kind, caring, not pushy, totally honest, and much like myself a huge enthusiast when it comes to motorcycles. By far you are kindest, most enthusiastic, most knowledgeable shop owner I have ever come in contact with, and I have dealt with quite a few.

Not knowing a whole lot about the Ducati brand, you proceeded to enlighten and educate me on these wonderful bikes. As each minute passed, I knew this was the bike, and I KNEW this was the dealership.

Then there was Meri Calo. Incredibly bright, fair, a great listener and professional; in a word, WONDERFUL. It’s clear to me that Meri is remarkably gifted in communicating with a wide variety of people in face-to-face interactions. She took over where you left off, and was not only able to put me at ease about getting financed, she was able to assemble a payment structure that was completely affordable. Meri was patient in answering all of my questions, and made myself and Kim feel so comfortable, I felt as if I had known her for years – even though I had just met her. She is clearly a very busy person, and not once did I feel like she was trying to rush me or ‘brush over’ anything. Any anxiety or nervousness I had about this purchase went out the window after I sat down with Meri.

Finally, when the deal was done, it was time to take the bike home. I wanted to have it trucked home since I didn’t have my gear with me and your Service Manager Dustin Edwards was glad to help. He patiently answered all of my questions about the bike, how to break it in, and made sure that I knew it was OK to call him with any questions that popped up. Like everyone on your incredible staff - he struck me as a true enthusiast and incredibly knowledgeable about these machines.

He wasn’t willing to let the bike go until he was absolutely sure it was set up properly. As a result, the bike wasn’t ready to come home until the next day - Christmas Eve - a day on which the shop closed early, and most people are consumed with holiday plans. Much to my delight - Dustin saw to it that I would have the bike for the weekend. His brother Danny trucked the bike right to my door on Christmas Eve day - and it was perfect. The bike had been cleaned, and Danny spent some extra time - after driving two hours - hanging out in my garage and talking through the bike with me.

I honestly felt like I was being treated like someone who had bought 10 bikes from you. 100% first class - from start to finish and absolute perfection in every sense of the word.

And then there’s the Ducati. What a bike! But what really showed was the quality and attention to detail your service department took in prepping it for delivery (especially on a very busy and rushed holiday weekend). I have never seen a better dealer-prep job on a new bike. The paint was perfect… even the brake rotors shined… and it came to my door on Christmas Eve without a scratch. Does life get any better?

But it didn’t stop there. It seemed everyone on your staff - said hello to us, was so friendly and clearly loved their jobs. It really showed through. There was Andre, and… your daughter and the rest of the parts staff - EVERYONE. It’s a genuine family atmosphere and it's obvious they love the great sport of motorcycling.

In my career as a Vice President of Marketing, my success relies heavily on the teams of people I bring together for a given project. The team that took care of me at your dealership is a clear winner!

You are indeed fortunate to have such a great group of people working for you. They are a textbook example of what an experience at a motorcycle dealership should be like. No doubt this is the first of many buying experiences I plan to have at Moto-Exotics.

There is no question that I will be referring friends and colleagues to MotoExotics if they are ever in the market. Thank you for helping make my dream of owning a new Ducati come true, and for such a great and memorable experience. I wish you and everyone else there continued success and growth in the future… and will no doubt see you very soon at the shop, at a bike night, or at the track. Thank you again!"
Tony M.
"After discovering a worn drive belt and getting to thin for comfort rear brake pads I contacted Danny Edwards (service manager) and explained the need for a quick turnaround on my 2008 Vision. Danny did not hesitate to make the effort and deliver as promised, the parts were in stock. My bike was in service Friday, November 27th (yes, the day after Thanksgiving) and ready for pick up the next day. This effort saved my upcoming Death Valley ride and sets the bar for Industry Leading customer service. Well done Danny, thank you."Randy Lambert | Yorba Linda, CA
"11-7-2015 Me and the guys rode from The Port of Los Angeles (San Pedro) to see if you had any used Harley-Davidsons, you only had one but we all were impressed with your layout. And the free lunch was a definitely Plus!! Your entire staff in all the outlets were super friendly and knowledgeable. I can say this about your event that day, it far succeeds the H.D. Events by far, you guys were organized and friendly. If you were closer to the South Bay area I could run my motorcycle events out of your place as the meet up spot. www.bikers4fun.com Good luck Johnny B Good 310.409.,8606"Johnny B Good | Torrance, CA
"My sales rep., Chris, was great. He was knowledgeable about the motorcycle I purchased and was able to answer all the questions I had. Going through finance was a breeze and the accessories were well stocked. SoCal Motorcycles, thanks for a great experience. See you at my first service."Carl Rohlke | Fullerton, CA
"bike was exactly as described, found the dealership and its people extremely easy to deal with"fred obus | banning, CA
"Great Experience! If you want by-the-book, go else ware. But if you want to buy a bike that is right for you, for the long haul, SoCal Motorcycles is that place. They knows motorcycles,, they know motorcyclists and most important, they know customer service. They recognize and respect people, even though there's a BS'er around every corner. They bent a few policies/rules for me and I bought a Monster 1200S from THEM because of THAT. See Chris if you want the definition of passion and enthusiast. He knows and loves bikes. He also keeps Assistant Sales Manager Jason busy because Chris wants everyone on a bike. Speaking of Jason, he is the consummate professional toting the company line ad-nausea, but ultimately, in the end, he is a softy professional with an eye on recognizing when to make an "exception", because he cares about doing whats right. Bottom line,, I bought my bike from them because everyone at SoCal Motorcycles cares about what I want, not like "Berts mega BS", where retired real estate agents sell motorcycles. Back on point,,, SoCal Motorcycles does the right thing for the customer, on behalf of the customer, and because of that, they earned my business for life."Carlos Evertsz | D Bar, CA
"Got best available price on my Duc 1200MTS STand have enjoyed outstanding Dealer support with parts, service and accesories. Highly recommended. Bill Dennis"Bill Dennis | Victorville, CA
"I purchased a Victory Vegas 8 Ball. Sweet ride and John was great in helping me get the bike I wanted. My next Victory purchase will be with John again. The only issue I have is the accessories and parts department is that they kept giving me the wrong bolts. I would double check all purchases to make sure all the bolts are in the box and are the correct bolt. "Anonymous | Covina, CA
"very nice people in this dealership"Rolando Delmundo | Chino Hills, CA
"While on a cross country bike trip from VA, I suddenly needed a new pair of tires for my 2013 Diavel. I called the service and parts desks at 9:30 AM on a Friday and was able to get the tires installed on a very, very short notice on the same day. I was in by 10:45 and out shortly after 1 PM. I have to commend the service and parts department staff for their promptness, professionalism, and friendliness. In addition, and to my surprise, two lovely ladies gave me a totally unexpected friendly welcome to the dealership. I highly recommend So Cal Motorcycles and should I be in this area, I will stop and say hello and get more servicing done. Way to go and great job in keeping the shine on the Ducati brand. "Jean-Claude Dehmel | Fairfax, VA
"Just picked up my new 09 Vegas Premium, and I got a killer deal. John went above and beyond to make it happen, and Tom is as down to earth as you can imagine. Hands down my best vehicle shopping experience, and one I'd be happy to repeat. And my bike's pretty bad ass, too. Thanks, guys!"Ryan Congiardo | Eastvale, CA
"I wanna thanks Alan and I think it was Chris in service for getting my Panigale all fixed up! I have waited a month before this review just to be sure it was fixed correctly. Working as an automotive tech I know the importance for properly fixing a clients car. It my number 1 priority and this service department is the same way! Thanks again guys! You have a customer for life!"Jeffrey Oswalt | Las Vegas, NV
"The salesperson John was very helpful and informative. He went over the bike and even helped me load it onto my truck. The finance department processed my paperwork with a good sense of urgency. I would recommend this dealership to anyone interested in purchasing a new victory motorcycle. Thanks again to the entire staff at So. Cal!"Manuel Gonzalez | Palmdale, CA
"Chris in Sales was outstanding. I was in the middle of buying a house at the time, put a deposit down on the bike, and 3 weeks later picked it up. The Multistrada rocks. When I bought the bike, I asked service what the cost and time line would be for the first service. They quoted it, and 2 months later when it was time, they were right on quote. "Norman Screeton | Anaheim, CA
"I have been to 2 other dealers looking at the Victory Vision and the sales people were less than friendly and knowledgeable. Then I came to your dealership and talked to John Pucciarelli and was pleasantly surprised by his friendliness and knowledge about the products that he sells. Even though I've yet to purchase a bike, John will be the person that I will deal with. Thanks John for a rewarding pre-sale experience. Jim"Jim Larson | Lakewood, CA